New release from Westcoastime

New WCT 1000m - click pic...

Just been informed of a new version of the WCT 1000m Diver from Westcoastime (which I have previously reviewed).  The ‘new’ in this case (literally) is a thorough beadblasting of the case. The bracelet remains brushed but I think that the new finish suits the watch head better –  and it would look great on a NATO or Zulu.  There’s a bit of a sale on over at Westcoastime at the moment so I think the watch is worth a look.  Be advised that this … Continue reading

Westcoastime M16 II

I have always been a great fan of the tritium vials used on many United States military watches (and of course the plethora of civilian versions on the market during the last few years). For me, there has always been something almost magical about the glow that these tubes give off during the hours of darkness. The general interest in genuine military watches continues unabated; indeed, various versions of previously issued and current issue United States military timepieces are available via various online sources so … Continue reading

Westcoastime WCT 1000

Many of us are, or have been drawn to ownership of a ‘dive watch’ at some point during their interest in horology.   Others (i.e. those with no particular interest in watches but who wish to wear one) consider the dive watch to be the watch to wear both from perhaps a fashion perspective and also a practical one.  After all, in theory such a watch can be worn 24/7 in all weathers and under all conditions, wet or dry.  I certainly see the logic here … Continue reading