Zeno Diver 300m

Over the past year or so, I have increasingly taken an interest in those watches which some may describe as ‘cheap’ or ‘budget’ but which I have rapidly come to the conclusion are actually excellent value for money. Furthermore, some such watches manage to accomplish what the so called ‘higher-end’ brands fail to do in terms of functionality and perhaps more importantly – reaching back to maybe two or three decades ago in construction and look. It seems that the vogue is retro and no … Continue reading

Precista GMT GTLS

It is not very often that I write a review out of curiosity about rather than enthusiasm for a particular watch.  This review falls firmly in the former category given that the introduction of the watch in question has raised the eyebrows of many watch aficionados and enthusiasts of the Precista brand alike.  Indeed, the introduction of this watch has perhaps more than raised the eyebrows of some,  it has caused indignation amongst those who have followed the resurrection of the Precista brand within the … Continue reading

Zeno Explorer (ZEX)

Most watch enthusiasts will no doubt have noticed the surge in popularity of the classic Rolex Explorer over the last few years. Whilst this model has been around since the mid-1950s, it wasn’t perhaps until as recently as two years ago that the popularity surge took place, in turn effecting a marked increase in the price asked for NIB examples. Likewise, the price for vintage Explorers (the 1016 model) has risen to the degree where they have become out of reach of many people who … Continue reading

Omega Speedmaster Professional

When I first thought about writing something about the fabled Moonwatch, I was stumped; it is a watch that probably all watch enthusiasts have heard about, it is a watch that many have written about (indeed whole books have been devoted to it), it is a watch about which various reviews have been written. Furthermore, I don’t actually own one though I have worn one in the past. So what could I do that was at least a little bit different? My answer was to … Continue reading

Westcoastime WCT 1000

Many of us are, or have been drawn to ownership of a ‘dive watch’ at some point during their interest in horology.   Others (i.e. those with no particular interest in watches but who wish to wear one) consider the dive watch to be the watch to wear both from perhaps a fashion perspective and also a practical one.  After all, in theory such a watch can be worn 24/7 in all weathers and under all conditions, wet or dry.  I certainly see the logic here … Continue reading

Pimp Star Performer

Probably not news to the watch enthusiast is the relatively recent renaissance in digital watches. Whilst the likes of Casio have continued to produce LCD watches throughout the late 1970s, 1980s and 1990s, only recently have LED equipped timepieces become available as new items after their somewhat brief rise and fall some thirty years ago. Indeed, there do exist the real collectibles from the dawn of the digital watch age; the early Pulsars fall smartly into this category and today command high prices when in … Continue reading

An ancient post of mine on Timezone

I’ve never been an avid poster on the various watch fora, but having met George Daniels one night in the local pub of all places I was quite excited; I originally posted the following (quite twee!) report on August 5th 2001 on the old Timezone: “Quite by chance on Saturday evening I was lucky enough to be introduced to none other than George Daniels of co-axial escapement fame. Mr Daniels was in Gloucestershire (UK) attending a large classic car rally. A friend of mine is … Continue reading

Sinn 356 Flieger

I have always been attracted to military type watches but I will openly admit that as little as six or seven years ago I didn’t know where any such thing could be found – either real or pseudo. The year 2000 and military styled watches abound; the Internet has enabled those in far flung places access to watches that they might not have known even existed; even better, the Internet has made access to such watches relatively easy. I first learned of the existence of … Continue reading